The Caring Store


Our Mission:  Caring. 

The website was created to assist in generating funds for NAHC(National Association for Home Care and Hospice) and other foundations.  Supporting foundations that help others is our goal.  All goods and services offered by have earned the seal of approval.  We appreciate your support and look forward to making a difference in your life.

"Caring is a reflex. Someone slips, your arm goes out. A car is in the ditch, you join the others and push...You live, you help."                                             – Ram Dass

The first project is the MED (Medical Emergency Data) Card.   Proceeds from the sale of this card will be donated to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice.

The MED Card is a sleek, 1GB portable storage device sized to fit perfectly inside of your wallet, making it easily locatable for medical professionals.  At 2 1/8" x 3 1/4", MED Card is the same size as a standard business card and allows you to organize all of your pertinent medical information, including prescriptions, x-rays, vaccinations, blood type, allergies, surgical history and insurance information. 

The MED Card is an affordable and reliable way to protect your health in times of need.  Having an organized, accurate and instantly accessible medical history is the best defense against confusion at the doctor's office or in cases of emergency. 

Statistics show that as many as 195,000 people a year are dying in U.S. hospitals because of easily prevented errors.  This 195,000 figure translates to "the equivalent of 390 jumbo jets full of people . . . dying each year due to likely preventable, in-hospital medical errors, making this one of the leading killers in the U.S." says Samantha Colliers of Healthgrade. “If the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual list of leading causes of death included medical errors, it would show up as number six, ahead of diabetes, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s disease and renal disease,” she adds. 

Don’t gamble with your health.